PressWatch goes to Philadelphia

Dear Save KBOO community,


I have saved this website, because I know that it is a good forum for reaching some of the most public-affairs-oriented members of KBOO.  (It is also, hilariously, bookmarked by my opponents.)  I would like to let you know that KBOO is going strong –and that we are moving forward to more and better journalism, and to awesome public outreach ( #fuzzyboo )!

The Book and Record Sale is coming up, and I hope to see you there–it’s August 13th, details at

I am traveling to Philadelphia on the 25th to cover the protests at the Democratic National Convention.  I will be calling in to KBOO public affairs shows with live updates, and will be providing coverage to KBOO News as well.  Where possible, I will be livestreaming as well!

The best to you all and thank you for caring about KBOO.


Theresa Mitchell

livestreaming from Philly at