The voting is over…

Congratulations to the new Board members, Joe Uris, Michael Wells, Jen Davis, and Adin Rogovin ! The members have spoken, and the numbers were decisive. Now the Station can look forward to some progress, and the Staff can look forward to some peace.

There was an 180-vote spread between the first (winning) four candidates, and the rest.  The other Keeper candidate, Robin Ryan, came in fifth, with over 700 votes cast.  Everyone knows there’s a lot of work to be done, and people are already pitching in in a big way, notably Adin with financial work, and the Development Committee, which has already organized the Return of the KBOO Book and Record Sale!


4 thoughts on “Victory.

    • “Your comment is awaiting moderation. ”


      The amazing hypocrisy of the “free speech” looney crowd never ceases to be AMAZING.
      If you KKK clowns and “fellow travelers” never hooked up with anti-semites, liars and conartists, you wouldn’t have to moderate comments.
      Oh wait, you’re not moderating. You’re logging IPs. Lol. Good luck with that.

      You know you’re con artist, Theresa. NO ONE who really thinks they are exposing government conspiracies would use their PERSONAL EMAIL to sign up for STRATFOR “services”.


  1. And now I’ve just heard from a reliable source the KBOTs tried to beg the FCC not to have their residential addresses listed. Gee, it’s like they have something to hide…like using a non profit as a front to fund thier lifestyles….

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